Emphasis:  Brain Based Learner  

Credits:  36

Core Courses: (Each Course is worth 3 Credits)

Total Credits: 24

EDCI___  Teaching Diverse Students and Understanding Developmental Needs

EDCI___  Developing Curriculum for a Brain-Based Environment

EDCI___  The Brain and Learning

EDCI___  Understanding Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom

EDCI___  Teaching Strategies that Prepare Students for Testing

EDCI___  What Every Teacher Should Know About Today’s Diverse Learning Styles

EDCI___  Teaching to Students of Different Learning Abilities

EDCI___  Classroom Management in a Brain-Based Classroom


Required Courses: (Each Course is worth 3 Credits)

Total Credits: 12

EDCI___  Brain-Based Learning and Classroom Applications

EDCI___  Managing the Needs of Today’s Classroom

EDCI___  Motivation in the Classroom

EDCI___  Bilingual and Multicultural Education in the 21st Century 


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